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Best 48 Inchi Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Best 48 Inchi Bathroom Vanity Cabinet – Now this is very much our society makes home in the form of a minimalist design, and the current minimalist design is very much preferred because of its minimalist but still seem luxurious and beautiful. Actually, minimalist house was identical to the shape of the house which has a narrow field, but with limited land not make an excuse so you will be able to be creative in your home is. Actually so many things that we can creation and innovate with your partner or you can also find references from magazines, from your friends and other well.

With a minimalist home you can make creations both on the exterior and also the interior design, such as the exterior design you can pay attention to make a porch, a mini park, decorative fish pond and also can add light to the garden so that your house looks more beautiful if at night , And in addition you can also add that the main fence as early entrance to your home.

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And you can also be a lot of creativity in interior decoration for your home such as the selection of the wall paint, in the light of any room design, the selection of household appliances, as well as others. In addition there are small things that you can decorate your home by adding a minimalist wash your hands in order to facilitate or guests if done eating or before a meal can wash your hands first.

Place your hand washing itself can place in a strategic place for example you can menempatkanya near the dining table or on the back of the area around the bathroom. And actually wash hands although looks are not so important but has a function which is helpful if there are people who visit and they want to just wash your hands or just washing your face do not have far to look for the bathroom, because it is quite disturbing as well if there are guests who come.

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Especially if we do not have a face and hand washing will certainly make us and the guests will have to go to the bathroom instead? plus if we only have one bathroom for sure we are waiting. And for those of you who are looking for an example of a face and hand washing follows below may be able to use as a reference:

A beautiful blend of colors and minimalist shapes.
The combination of beautiful white and brown color for the minimalist bathroom.
Vanity wood cabinets are combined with beautiful soft-colored tiles.
The color and shape of vanity cabinet is adapted to the interior of the room.
Simple but classy vanity cabinet.

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